February 10, 2021

The Brainbase Podcast Episode 11 with KissCam’s Business Development Director, Alex Veitch

It all started with a missed kiss…

In this special Valentine’s Day episode of The Brainbase Podcast, we have a conversation with Alex Veitch of KissCam about the iconic brand’s origin, the importance of patents and trademarks to the KissCam business, and how brands can work with KissCam to engage their audience base.


Iconic Brands Require Strategic Partnerships (3:42-5:28)

KissCam is a brand that’s born of a legendary reputation- from sporting events to appearances on the silver screen, everyone’s got a memory associated with a KissCam. Alex breaks down how driving an iconic brand means being selective about licensing partnerships. With brand equity built on a 40-year reputation, and not to mention the virality of social media, “word spreads fast,” says Alex. “One bad partnership could haunt you for a long time…it’s important to really do your due diligence.”

Defeating Covid-Related Challenges with Digital Engagement & Innovation (6:02-8:43)

“How can we keep fans engaged from their couch?”

Even before the unforeseen challenges of Covid-19, Alex and his father, KissCam Founder Dana Veitch, were exploring KissCam’s potential outside physical spaces. Of course, that exploration turned into innovation when live events neared extinction entirely during the pandemic. But for KissCam, the development of the KissCam app not only opened doors to digital engagement, but also the licensing deals that utilizing social technology often bring.

How Licensing is Key to Future Growth (11:08-13:15)

“When people think of’s paired with sports. But there’s a lot you can do outside of the stadium.”

Iconic brands, especially ones like KissCam that are innovating and thriving online and at events, can pursue limitless licensing potential. Alex discusses how social media has allowed influencers the freedom to promote KissCam in unique ways- “People get creative with their own videos”- and how the sky’s the limit when it comes to pivoting KissCam towards new industries (beauty, health, and entertainment brands, for example). “We’re really focused on KissCam’s full potential.”

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