January 21, 2020

The Brainbase Podcast Episode 10 with The Point.1888 Founder and Managing Director, Will Stewart

Are you interested in the future of licensing? If so, tune in to Episode 10 of The Brainbase Podcast, featuring a very special guest making his mark leading the next-generation of brand licensing, Will Stewart

Will, the Founder and Managing Director of The Point.1888, chats with us about running a disruptive licensing agency, the need for a healthy work-life balance in today’s remote work environment and his mission to change the world by giving 11% of agency profits to charity.

5:56 – 8:26: The Next Generation of Brand Licensing

Will elaborates on what it means to lead the next generation of brand licensing and what that journey looks like for The Point.1888. For Will, it boils down to supporting companies with an entrepreneurial spirit and founders who are driven to build something new or improve something that already exists. Will’s global agency, The Point.1888, wants to be that driver of change. He explains the beauty of the licensing industry as it’s filled with incredible people looking to do good. He aims to help brands create those opportunities without holding anything back.

13:01 – 15:46: Brand Licensing Ambassador of the Year

Being named Brand Licensing Ambassador of the Year at the Brand and Licensing Lifestyle Awards means more to Will than the recognition itself. Will describes that moment as one of the highlights of his career as it propelled his company to the forefront of the licensing industry. He explains how he felt reassured that his vision and mission for The Point.1888 is moving in the right direction, and has never felt more driven to continue paving new paths in the licensing industry.

“The main issue is that the licensing industry has a huge number of problems that could be easily solved by technology.”

18:26 – 21:23: The Development of Licensing Technology

In 2020, we saw the rampant growth of technology in all sectors, and at Brainbase, we’re continuing that path to help teams grow their IP and licensing businesses. Willhas also recognized the importance of technology in brand licensing and its benefits, which include making the day-to-day operations of licensing teams more productive, efficient, smoother and reliable.

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