July 30, 2020

3 Risks of Using Licensing Tools Built On Salesforce

Software built on top of existing CRMs come with reliability and maintenance risks to companies if not constantly maintained.

When deciding on a CRM, particularly in licensing, the financial investment can be significant. You should be aware of the risks involved before committing. Too many companies agree to multi-year contracts while entirely unaware that the system they paid for is built on an uncertain foundation.

Building on top of another platform can create serious risks for your organization, for example:

#1 No Control Over The Foundation

When using a licensing management tool that is dependent on the reliability and consistency of another platform, there is no such thing as proprietary or bug-free. For example, if Salesforce suddenly loses connection to your CRM or a new update changes how the two services interact, it could result in catastrophic consequences for your data and workflow. It also exponentially increases the likelihood of potential bugs, which can mean more downtime, and a challenging customer experience.

#2 Limited Features, Limited Innovation

If your licensing tool is built on another platform, such as Salesforce, it significantly limits the capacity to be innovative. It becomes harder for an engineering team to push new features, add third-party integrations and make modifications, since it could risk breaking important connections to the CRM it is ultimately dependant on. Even a simple update could take significantly longer to appear.

#3 It’s Expensive At Scale

Building software on top of another platform like Salesforce is not cheap. It seems cheaper than developing a product entirely from scratch, but you could end up spending up to 20-30% of your revenue alone on a CRM! This option doesn’t scale in a cost-effective way, and you may need to renegotiate your contract as your business grows, or even move certain functions away from the platform. Ultimately, this simply isn’t a fiscally sustainable choice for your business. 

Why Choose Brainbase?

Brainbase Assist is a 10x improvement on any licensing management tool you’ve ever seen. Our platform is sleek, fast, intuitive and built with cutting-edge design to provide everything you’ll need to manage your licensing business successfully. Assist was designed to help brands, licensees and agencies all collaborate in one place. It’s adaptable to every company’s needs and can be used separately or individually – whether you’re a team of 1,000 or a team of 1.

Assist was built from the ground up. This means we can iterate quickly, offer unparalleled user experience and design, and release powerful new features. Instead of worrying whether your management tool will experience downtime or be subject to third-party policies or changes, you can focus on managing your company and growing your business.

Want to learn more? Schedule a demo to see Brainbase Assist in action!

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