August 10, 2020

Brainbase’s Licensing Week Virtual Recap

From insightful keynote presentations to matchmaking opportunities, we’re bringing you our main takeaways from this five-day online event!

Licensing Week Virtual was a busy and productive week filled with education, matchmaking and networking opportunities made to bring the global licensing community together. Throughout the five-day event, we had the opportunity to hear keynote speakers like Christopher Urban, VP of Global Strategic Capabilities at The Kraft Heinz Company, and Michelle King, Director of Inclusion at Netflix, as they shared their knowledge on current licensing trends and what we should expect moving forward in upcoming years. Our team experienced an exciting roller coaster of various brands coming our way, gaining deeper insights into how the licensing space is evolving during these uncertain times. As Licensing Week Virtual came to a close, we have come up with three main takeaways we found valuable to us for the rest of 2020.

Preparing For The Unexpected

We can never accurately predict the uncertainties that happen around the world. However, there is no reason why we shouldn’t prepare for the unexpected. Licensing Week Virtual, as told by License Global, brought a hub of people who were “looking to reach customers who are spending more time online and looking to do more things at home.” Looking at current trends and what we are observing within the licensing industry, we need to prepare ourselves for how each brand has shifted their mindset when looking for innovative technology and partnership opportunities.

Matchmaking Is Necessary 365 Days A Year

Over five days we had more than 60 meetings, all from Licensing Week Virtual’s Matchmaking Service. This confirmed our vision at Brainbase that a program like this is necessary for the licensing space all year round. With our Marketplace and Marketplace Plus launching soon, we’re even more motivated to build out the most reliable system for brands, licensors and licensees to connect and seamlessly communicate with each other all in one platform. Since companies are migrating almost all of their communications and business processes online, matchmaking allows us to make valuable connections and long-lasting relationships, as demonstrated by our experience at Licensing Week Virtual.

Brands That Bring Change Are The Future

We’ve mentioned the motivation and need for brands that bring change to a world massively impacted by our current events. As discussed last time in The Brainbase Podcast Episode Two, Trevor George of Trevco and MaskClub are prime examples of how brands can directly impact and support locally and internationally during these uncertain times. One of the most important topics addressed by Taylor Carson, VP of Marketing and Licensing at Group Nine, was how brand trust is developed through listening. Companies are listening at an internal level and within the community, and that action leads them to increase their transparency and trust with their consumers.

Licensing Week Virtual gave us and thousands of attendees more profound insight into what the licensing industry is going through now and should anticipate in the future. The enthusiasm of business leaders from different brands only pushes us to bring them the most innovative technology on the market. We had an enjoyable experience digesting what the keynote speakers had to say and what brands were looking for while matchmaking. From this, we aim to take all the knowledge we’ve gained from Licensing Week Virtual and continue our journey in continuously transforming the licensing space.


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