May 12, 2021

Why We Built File and Vault

By Brainbase Co-founder and CEO, Nate Cavanaugh

Today, I’m excited to announce two new flagship products at Brainbase called File and Vault.

In addition to our licensing management platform, Brainbase Assist, we now offer clean and simple online trademark filing via Brainbase File and automated trademark renewals and infringement monitoring via Brainbase Vault.

In a world where filing trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is an expensive headache, Brainbase File is The Modern Way to File™ — a way for anyone to protect their ideas without paying costly legal fees.

Likewise, Brainbase Vault handles your trademark renewals automatically and monitors for infringements, reducing or replacing the long-term cost of an IP lawyer for small companies and big companies alike. Both products are easy to navigate and designed to make protecting your ideas the easiest part of starting a business.

Modernizing the Trademark Process: Why We Built Brainbase File

There are 2 reasons I wanted to build File — one is fun, the other is more serious.

First, coming up with a name and logo for your company is one of my favorite parts of starting a new venture — it makes everything real! Once you’ve decided on a unique name, trademarking it gives you the exclusive right to use the name in the classes you’ve chosen. Having the legal rights to your name opens up opportunities for growth, collaborations, brand recognition, licensing, and more. Basically, if you’re serious about your business, you should own the trademark.

Second, and more seriously, I believe that the world runs on unique ideas and that protecting and monetizing those ideas should be easy and accessible to everyone. The United States, in particular, is a country built by entrepreneurs, risk-takers, and innovators of all backgrounds. Brainbase wants to make it easy and affordable for anyone to protect and monetize their ideas, starting with filing US trademarks. Because without new ideas, there is no progress.

Before Brainbase File, you had 3 options for filing a trademark:

  1. Navigate the USPTO website (which, like most government websites, is…not fun)

  2. Work with a law firm, and pay expensive fees.

  3. Use an existing online service that provides little visibility into the filing process and a low-quality trademark application, leaving room for rejections and future headaches.

Brainbase File — The Modern Way to File™

Brainbase File was built by founders, for founders. It uses machine-learning to give you a high-quality trademark application with full visibility into the filing process for a tenth of the price of a law firm — just $199!

Get Your Domain Name and Social Media Handles, Too!

In 2021, choosing a name for your company is so much more than a trademark — it’s also about whether you can secure a great domain name and the associated social media handles.

That’s why we partnered with Google Domains to allow our customers to get their domain names and social media handles in one simple step during the trademark filing process, enabling you to own your brand across all channels instantly.

Even better, Brainbase File customers get more than $4,000 in credits (and growing) to popular products and services at checkout. Boom!

Brainbase File Partnership Credits

I hope that Brainbase File enables a whole new generation of entrepreneurs to protect their ideas at the earliest stage. It’s fun, affordable, and easy for anyone to use!

Why We Built Brainbase Vault

Congratulations! You’re now the proud owner of a trademark. What happens next? We asked ourselves this question when building Brainbase File, and it turns out there’s a lot.

That’s why we built Vault.

In the United States, you have to renew your trademark every ten years to keep it. This process is also more complex than it needs to be — especially if your company has expanded and now owns multiple — potentially hundreds — of trademarks. In order to scale your IP portfolio, you need an efficient way to store, renew, and monitor your IP for infringements.

Brainbase Vault is a critical utility product for anyone who owns a trademark and solves 3 key pain points:

  1. A secure place to store and organize all of your trademark data

  2. Automatic trademark renewals

  3. Trademark infringement detection

Brainbase Vault Dashboard

Brainbase Vault provides real-time status updates about your trademarks directly from the USPTO database, allowing you to securely manage your IP portfolio and your competitors’ portfolios to track industry trends. We’re very excited about this use case!

The best part? You can sign up for Vault today completely free and import your trademarks within seconds! And with trademark renewals for just $149, Vault is affordable for teams of all sizes — from startups to the Fortune 500.

Brainbase’s Product Ecosystem

With the launch of File and Vault, Brainbase now has three products that serve teams throughout the entire IP lifecycle. From the time you first have an idea for a new company and need to file the trademark, to protecting and renewing your existing IP, to finding new monetization opportunities through licensing, Brainbase has you covered.

We couldn’t be more excited about File and Vault and their potential for making idea protection more accessible. We hope you like them!

Learn more about both products at and You can also check us out on Product Hunt, where you can join in for a discussion and Q&A!

Nate Cavanaugh

Thanks to our amazing team, who spent the last several months designing and building File and Vault. I’m grateful to be working with you. Let’s keep at it!

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