August 10, 2020

The Brainbase Podcast with Trevor George, CEO of Trevco and Founder of MaskClub

We sit down with Trevor George to talk about the origins and future of MaskClub and his strategies for forward-thinking businesses.

We’re excited to introduce the Brainbase Podcast, where we talk to industry leaders about how technology is impacting the future of brands, licensing, partnerships and intellectual property. In our second episode, we sit down with Trevor George to announce the launch of MaskClub EU and discuss how companies’ mindsets are changing during the global pandemic.

Getting Comfortable with Personal Safety (9:31 – 10:19)

With the progression of finding innovative ways to support our first responders, Trevor explains that MaskClub is developing a way to bring more comfort to families across the country with the development of MaskClub for Kids. Since the launch of MaskClub in April, he has come across various ways to introduce their face masks to people of all ages. Trevor expects people to use masks even when the global pandemic dies down as it has become a necessity in everyone’s lives. He believes in being comfortable with what protects you, and introducing kids sizes with their favorite characters is a positive start in the right direction to personal safety.

MaskClub Goes International – A Global Giveback (10:30-11:17)

The importance of nationalism in America is at an all-time high as businesses and families are doing their part to stay safe and healthy during COVID-19. MaskClub masks are made in the United States, and Trevor is looking to extend a helping hand to those in the United Kingdom. He plans to partner with a prominent charity and donate a portion of the proceeds to those in need of PPEs in Europe. As they align with these charitable organizations, MaskClub will be ready to assist first responders on a global scale.

How Long Term Thinking And Risk-Taking Merge in the Global Pandemic (22:08-24:30)

When it comes to transparency within your core business, it’s essential to address the challenges openly and honestly to allow a smoother transition to everyone’s new normal. As one of the leading licensees in the world, Trevor believes that forward-thinking leadership leads to setting the right path for businesses and their employees. The need for long term thinking and planning is becoming more prominent as companies start to shift their efforts into the digital space. Though transitioning bears the risk in all aspects of business operations, Trevor emphasizes that it’s time to take these challenges head-on.

We had an amazing time getting to know Trevor George and hear his experience building MaskClub and Trevco to what they are today. You can listen to the full podcast episode through Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcast, and more. While you’re at it, be sure to subscribe to learn more about Brainbase and MaskClub. On our next podcast, we’ll introduce another industry leader to gain more insight on how technology is influencing brands today.

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