August 3, 2020

The Brainbase Podcast with The Shark Group’s Morri Chowaiki

Get to know Morri Chowaiki and his take on the ever-changing ecosystem of retail sales

We’re excited to introduce the Brainbase Podcast, where we’ll talk to industry leaders about how technology is impacting the future of brands, licensing, partnerships and intellectual property. In the first episode, we sit down with Morri Chowaiki to discuss his journey to becoming Head of Sales and Retail for Daymond John and what it takes to get innovative products on the shelves of top retailers.

My Retail Teeth (4:27-5:02)

What does it take to grow your retail teeth? Apparently not an MBA. One of Morri’s interesting takes on building knowledge and skills in sales is the importance of gaining experience. With around 10 years of consumer focused and retail focused experience, he was able to build a retail empire with The Shark Group and gain an insider’s knowledge into how the retail space is being revolutionized today.

The Trend of Giving (17:04-17:42)

At the height of sustainable goods and ‘Buy One, Give One’ promotions, Morri explains the persuasiveness of charitable giving when selling your products. From brands like Toms to Warby Parker, this type of business model not only increases sales but creates an impact backed by your product – this is what future generations are going to continue to look for when making purchasing decisions.

Walking The Talk (21:47-22:13)

Morri reveals something that top retailers seem to be lacking today: vulnerability. When it comes to expanding your network and increasing awareness of your product, it’s just not enough to execute something and expect something magical to happen anymore. He expands on the need for retailers to find solutions to their problems by purposefully addressing and discussing them.

We had a blast getting to know Morri Chowaiki and hear his experience building a retail empire. You can listen to the full podcast episode through Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcast, and more. While you’re at it, be sure to subscribe to learn more about Brainbase and The Shark Group. On our next podcast, we’ll introduce another industry leader to gain more insight on how technology is influencing brands today.

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