March 12, 2021

The Brainbase Podcast Episode 12 with Moonwalk

A discussion with Moonwalk’s Chairman & Chief Strategy Officer, Greg Consiglio, and Moonwalk’s CEO & Technical Lead, Shiv Madan

Meet Moonwalk

In this episode of The Brainbase Podcast, we’re talking with Moonwalk, a fintech company powering digital economies for global brands. Moonwalk enables brands, influencers, sports teams and creators to engage and monetize their fans and communities through the use of digital tokens, popularly known today as NFTs.

Listen as we discuss Moonwalk’s strategy and vision to help brands find new revenue streams through digital tokens below.


How it All Began (3:01-6:17)

Before Moonwalk, there was Blockparty: an NFT marketplace and digital assets company. Blockparty “originally started out as a ticketing platform using NFTs as tickets,” explains Shiv, one of Blockparty’s co-founders. Then, the Sacramento Kings NBA team asked Blockparty to help them create digital tokens for their fans. “There was this opportunity sitting there that wasn’t being explored in further detail,” says Shiv. 

Greg Consiglio, a board member at Blockparty with “a ton of expertise in the ticketing space and then consumer brand space,” soon joined Shiv in creating a business model for a company that would focus on setting up similar digital economies for clients. Together, they founded Moonwalk, and have been interconnecting reward and payment ecosystems for brands ever since.

Driving Customer Engagement through Digital Branded Economies (11:31-14:10)

“Moonwalk provides an ability to offer an engagement platform, using tokens to reach out to customers - wherever they are.”

Giving customers rewards, for loyalty or engagement, is a tried-and-true business strategy you’re probably already familiar with. “If you think old school rewards platforms, there’s a monetary exchange: you bought a ticket on an airline and you received points for it,” says Greg. 

Moonwalk powers a branded economy with digital tokens: a modern twist driving unique interactions with fans and customers. Because unlike frequent flyer miles, digital tokens can be earned when fans engage with a brand on social media, on a third-party app, or even in a retail presence. 

“And the brand has an opportunity to communicate with you, engage with you in ways that they [normally] can’t.”

On Close Ties Between Licensing and Digital Currency (18:16-19:50)

“You wind up in a new reality where brands are going to be looking for platforms that can let them reach customers with their own branded products in new ways.”

Digital currencies and branded platforms can carry over into the physical retail space, making licensing a critical part of engagement. “Whether you’re an IP owner and you work for a movie studio, or you own a character, or you’re a licensee selling products on your own site…digital tokens [need to be] in your marketing plans.”

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