April 16, 2021

New Feature: Manufacturers on Brainbase Assist

Ensure your licensed products are manufactured with ethical practices. It’s simple with the Manufactures feature on Assist.

Why Manufacturing Practices Matter

Whether you’re a licensor or a licensee, you know the critical importance of working with safe, ethical manufacturers. Unethical usage of child labor, lack of fire security, poor safety conditions, and other violations by manufacturers don’t just reflect badly on your brand- they put people at serious risk of injury. It’s important not to contribute to unethical manufacturing practices or support factories that are neglecting to properly care for their employees.

That’s why we created the Manufacturers feature on Brainbase Assist. Manufacturers makes certifying credible manufacturers streamlined and straightforward. The feature consolidates the process of agreeing upon and approving the manufacturers your licensees propose. 

Integrating seamlessly into Contracts and Submissions, two other Assist features, Manufacturers improves your workflow from the beginning of outlining a licensing deal to the final product submissions.

Here’s how it works!

How Assist’s Manufacturers Feature Makes it Easy to Guarantee Compliance

From the very first stages of contract creation, licensors can outline their brand’s manufacturing requirements regarding licensed products. There’s a variety of requirements to choose from, or you can input your own. 

In order to move forward with the contract, licensees must attach proposed manufacturers for their licensed products, including the relevant paperwork and certifications.

Manufacturers that aren’t up to par will be automatically rejected; There’s no need to spend time reviewing manufacturers who don’t meet your requirements. Instead, simply approve only those who are up to your standards. 

Only approved manufacturers will appear in the Submissions feature. Then, you can attach them directly to product designs.

Ethical Manufacturers: Good for Your Brand, Good for the World

With Manufacturers, it’s more efficient than ever to be sure your licensed products are made ethically. Manufactures will not only save you time and simplify a complex process for your licensing team, but we believe that by making it easy to choose and require ethical manufacturing, we can help drive the licensing industry towards healthier and more ethical production overall.

At Brainbase, we’re all about intuitive, human-friendly design and smart improvements to the licensing industry workflow for licensors, licensees, agents, and designers.

Explore Manufacturers now on Brainbase.

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