August 17, 2020

Meet The Brainbase Team: Will and Hallie

We’re kicking off September by highlighting two talented employees: Will Bowman, Assist Team Lead, and Hallie Calhoun, Sales and Customer Success Engineer! Find out what makes them passionate about disrupting the licensing industry and read about their top LA foods!

Give a brief history of your previous experience and what made you decide to be a part of Brainbase.

Will: I started developing in the late 90s and fell in love with automation and systems administration. I’ve built many applications from scratch that help automate processes that typically take hours for a human to complete. I was excited for the opportunity to work with Brainbase because one of the goals is to automate many tasks in the IP industry that currently are a hassle or are very time consuming.

Hallie: My background is in digital marketing, working for both tech startups, as well as fortune 500 companies, like Berkshire Hathaway. Most recently, I decided to challenge myself and pursue my passion for web development, where I completed UC Berkeley’s web development coding certification course. After that, I knew I wanted to join a tech startup and Brainbase was exactly what I was looking for.

I have truly never been a part of such a stimulating and motivating work environment before, where I get to work with such an innovative and like-minded group of people daily. But ultimately, the defining factor for me in deciding to join Brainbase was simply our product. Having a product you truly believe in and are incredibly passionate about makes all the difference and is ultimately what excites me every single day to go to work.

Any upcoming projects you’re excited about?

Will: I’m very excited for our next two products. We’ll be leveraging the latest technologies to build a highly scalable, fast, and robust application.

Hallie: As a company focused on innovation, we are committed to constantly evolving our products and expanding our digital ecosystem. We are planning some exciting new products that will be a game changer for the industry. There is nothing more rewarding than building something from the ground up and creating something that will be extremely beneficial to our users.

How do you think Brainbase is changing the licensing industry?

Will: We’re automating away the complexities of the IP industry with the latest technologies and bringing a fresh take to something that has had very little improvement over the past century.

Hallie: We are changing the landscape for IP/brand licensing and revolutionizing the industry, an industry that has not kept pace with modern technology and has been slow to embrace digital adoption and reinvention.

What motivates you?

Will: Seeing Brainbase grow!

Hallie: Growth and challenging myself. I am always challenging myself and looking to learn new things everyday. I like to surround myself with smart, dynamic people who are going to challenge me, teach me new things, and ultimately help me grow as a person.

How do you measure success (with Brainbase or yourself)?

Will: Customer satisfaction, customer growth. If our customers are happy, we hit our deadlines, and continue to grow.

Hallie: I like to measure success beyond just my individual impact, and really measure the impact our company has as a whole on our customers and the industry.

Where do you want the company to be at in 3 years?

Will: I’d love to see us expand even further, more countries, clients, applications. I envision a ‘salesforce of IP’ type company.

Hallie: The industry leader, providing top tier products and premier customer experiences.

What makes you passionate about Brainbase?

Will: The team. We have an amazing team full of very talented people who are all excited to work together and grow the company.

Hallie: Our strong leadership team and their vision for the company. The passionate team I get to work with everyday. The company values Brainbase was built on and our commitment to innovation. The impact you can have on the company as an employee and the opportunities available to contribute to the bigger picture. Seeing how much value our products provide our customers and truly seeing the problem we are solving come to fruition. The positives are endless.

What does a typical workday look like for you?

Will: Waking up early and working late, I tend to be a workaholic and go on binders and then taking time off to avoid burning out. I do a lot of code review and task management these days but will be heavily involved in building our new upcoming products.

Hallie: First and foremost, coffee. I try to knock out my most challenging tasks on my to-do list in the morning so I can optimize my energy throughout the day. Followed by a lot of zoom meetings. I like to work in intervals, so I will set my alarm to work nonstop for a set amount of time and then force myself to take mini breaks, whether that’s to stretch, go for a quick walk, or make some food.

Favorite go-to restaurant in LA (or anywhere you’re from )?

Will: Sixth+Mill  I love this place. Ordering the entire menu is not out of the ordinary.

Hallie: Still testing out the restaurants in LA, but at the top of my list is The Rose in Venice.

Do you have any after-work hobbies/activities?

Will: I enjoy being an engineer, working on cars, electronics and other things I can get hands on with.

Hallie: I usually cook during the weeknights or work out after work, whether it’s yoga, going for a run, or doing a home work out. I enjoy going out to dinner and hanging out with my friends. I love music so I am currently teaching myself the guitar.

Any favorite office/work-interaction memories?

Hallie: Our team picnic on the beach was a highlight of mine.

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