December 2, 2021

Meet the Brainbase team: Valdar Kallasmaa, Senior Product Designer

If something is connecting the employees of Brainbase, it is their ability to work hard and play hard. Not in the sense of partying, mind you (well, we certainly hope that in some of their cases that, too!). Take Valdar, for example - outside of work, he is a pretty serious gamer (Dota 2), experienced backpacker (with a big love for Asia), and spicy food lover (“When choosing food I always gravitate towards spices - the more, the better!”).


What made you join Brainbase?

Before joining Brainbase, I worked at a marketing- and web agency along with our founders Nikolai Tolkatshjov and Karl Johan Vallner. My specialty was web projects. And Brainbase, well, started as an ordinary project on a typical workday, but it gained wings and was born into a company on its own. And when I was presented with the opportunity to leave the agency and take on the role of Brainbase’s product designer, I immediately felt it was the correct challenge. Compared to working on a different project and with a different client every week, I can now focus on one product and its future and development. 


How do you think Brainbase is changing the licensing industry?

Honestly, I had no clue about licensing before joining the company. But now I see how we are simplifying the whole industry. There are outdated technology and processes that can be automatized, and by providing better tools, we can change and improve the way things have been done until now. 


So, are you building a unicorn?



What motivates you? 

I love that I can be so hands-on in my work every day; developing a product from scratch has been very satisfying and motivating. Plus, our company’s culture is very supportive and friendly, and we have been lucky to gather such a cool bunch of people to work at Brainbase. 


What does a typical workday look like for you? 

My day has to start with coffee. I have my cup, browsing what is going on in the UI-UX field to keep myself updated. Then I see what my day has in the plan - if there are no meetings, I develop the product and solve client problems. There are days where the meetings go into late-night, then I try to plan some time to relax during the day. 


Favorite place to eat, have a drink, or enjoy some culture in Tallinn? 

I love Texas Honky Tonk & Cantina - I love their vibe; it really feels like Texas - they also have great service and nice spicy foods. I also love this small Korean place called Gotsu. And I am a pub guy - I like to go to the Mauruse pub. 


Do you have any after-work hobbies/activities? 

I love all kinds of board games, etc., and we play with friends. I also play a videogame called Dota 2. Another hobby of mine is to backpack - I have traveled mostly in Asia - Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Taiwan, Burma, and I plan to go to South Korea, Mexico... 


Why would you recommend someone to apply to Brainbase?

Well, this industry itself is a challenge. So, if you would like to work in a company that provides challenges - add massive growth potential plus great company culture, and you have Brainbase. 

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