August 5, 2020

Meet the Brainbase Team: Evgenia and Greg

This month we are highlighting two very talented employees: Evgenia, Senior Product Designer, and Greg, Director of Marketing. We’ll explore what motivates them in revolutionizing the licensing industry as well as interesting after-work activities they enjoy. Most of all, you’ll get to know what working at Brainbase means to them and future endeavors we have in store!

Give a brief history of your previous experience and what made you decide to be a part of Brainbase. 

Evgenia: After my time at consumer-facing companies like Dollar Shave Club and Fair, I felt like I needed to shift my focus to apply my skills in a new field to ultimately grow as a product designer. 

Greg:  Prior to Brainbase, I worked at an independent film distributor for two years and was most recently at Endeavor in their Global Marketing group for 3.5 years, handling marketing and communications for major consumer brands. I joined Brainbase to take on more of a senior leadership role and embrace my passion for entrepreneurship. I’m ecstatic to help build and grow the company into a leader in the licensing/IP industry.

Any upcoming projects you’re excited about?

Evgenia: We are currently planning to expand a utility layer of our product, so we are working on at least 4 new projects that are going to become very handy for our users. I’m very excited to build everything from scratch, research and learn new things as I go. Also, we are updating our design styles, so that is exciting as well! 

Greg:  I’m excited about launching our Marketplace towards the end of the year. I’ve always been a connector, so it’s exciting to help build and market a platform where brands, licensees, celebrities and influencers can match with each other to explore licensing deals, brand partnerships or sponsorships.

How do you think Brainbase is changing the licensing industry?

Evgenia: I think we are trying not only to be innovative and have a product that looks great, but we also invest a lot of time in the research to make sure that we listen to our customers and their needs, and our product is easy to use and saves time and money. 

Greg:  Brainbase is truly creating the best workflow efficiencies for companies who either use too many systems to manage their business, or just do everything manually. The technology ecosystem we offer is the most advanced on the market and with our commitment to continuous innovation, Brainbase will always be disrupting and changing the licensing industry.

What motivates you?

Evgenia: Challenge. I like tasks where I have to bang my head on a wall and learn new things constantly, making sure that I’m progressing and evolving. 

Greg:  Leaving an impact! I am super driven to really help build something special that people will remember, and I love that my role here at Brainbase puts me in a position to make an impact on the company and the licensing industry as a whole.

How do you measure success (with Brainbase or yourself)?

Evgenia: For me, the best way to measure success is, not by what or how much I build, but how it impacts the customer or meets the needs of the business. I’m always happy to receive any type of feedback and make sure we are constantly evolving our product.  

Greg:  I measure success by seeing how awareness of Brainbase has increased in the licensing industry and the increased number of meetings and customers we are getting based on marketing and key relationships.

Where do you want the company to be at in 3 years?

Engenia: In the nutshell, I want Brainbase to be helpful, not only to the people who have been in the industry for years, but other small businesses that cannot afford to spend money on licensing agencies. Every business deserves a simple and clear tool to manage their Intellectual Properties. I want our clients to be happy with the user experience and telling other people, “I can’t imagine what I was doing without Brainbase before.”

Greg:  I want Brainbase to be one of the leading technology companies in not only the licensing/IP industry, but marketing as whole, as I believe our technology has applications for companies managing sponsorships and brand partnerships as well. We will be the go-to resource for making the work lives of marketers everywhere so much easier.

What makes you passionate about Brainbase?

Evgenia: Our team. We have a unique mix of very talented people who are good at what they do and sharing a common goal of changing the licensing industry. 

Greg: Our leadership’s commitment to innovation and exciting product roadmap that will truly change the IP/licensing game!

What does a typical workday look like for you?

Evgenia: It starts with a fresh cup of tea and planning tasks for the day. Usually, I’m exploring new ways to improve our user experience and bounce new ideas with the Head of Product and CEO. Sometimes, I take a walk to the beach (our office is a block away from Venice Beach) to clear my head and come back to work with fresh eyes and ready to tackle anything else that might come up throughout the day.

Greg: Every day is different which I love! Because my role is a bit of a Swiss army knife with responsibilities across marketing, events, social and business development, it can range from meetings and calls with prospective customers, planning and discovering event sponsorships and ensuring our marketing channels are flowing with content that generates awareness for the company.

Favorite place to eat in LA?

Evgenia: Frankly, it’s my house. Me and my partner are very good cooks, so we experiment with a lot of recipes and enjoy spending our evening preparing something delicious.

Greg:  Tough one since I’ve only been to LA as a visitor, but I really enjoy the food at the Soho House in West Hollywood.

Do you have any after-work hobbies/activities?

Evgenia: I have a 65 pound dog who is very active so we love to hike a lot. Cooking and baking is a big one too, as I mentioned before. I also write a blog about my immigration to the United States. I’m also a big wine enthusiast. 

Greg:  I usually try and work out or go to events with friends, whether it be a concert, panel or a pool party!

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