July 30, 2020

Introducing Brainbase

The intellectual property industry is broken. It’s a space filled with outdated, expensive incumbents who refuse to innovate, senseless policies and frivolous lawsuits — quite contrary to the innovations it’s designed to protect.

This is the premise behind why we started Brainbase.

Historically, industries with these characteristics have benefitted tremendously from technology — Trulia and Zillow for real estate, Uber for transportation, Airbnb for travel, TrueCar and for the auto industry, and eBay and Etsy for selling personal items, just to name an obvious few.

Today, we’re launching Brainbase in open beta in an effort to make the IP industry more open, efficient and accessible to everyone.

The product we’re rolling out today is a brand licensing tool that enables licensors and licensees to manage and automate the trademark licensing process.

Product Features


Get a real-time overview of your entire licensing business.

Expedite Product Approvals

Easily manage current and future products, workflows and samples, helping accelerate time to market.

Messages & Notifications

Messages make it easy to communicate directly on the platform while providing real time notifications about upcoming sales reports, royalty payments and other licensing compliance.

Automated Invoicing & Royalty Payments

Licensees can make royalty payments and submit sales reports directly through Brainbase which are then automatically deposited to a licensor’s bank account.


Financial Metrics

Monitor sales, invoices, annual forecasts and more on a per brand or per licensee basis.


Manage Brand Assets

Make brand assets available to all of your licensees and easily approve new marketing and press materials.


Rights & Contracts Management

Access all of your licensing rights, contracts and agreements on a per license basis in a single platform.


Unlimited Users

No limits, seats or modules. Brainbase is available to your entire organization and all of your licensees at one cost.



Because Brainbase is in open beta, we’re targeting people and organizations who want to get involved early to help shape the future tools of the IP industry. As we grow, we plan to launch new tools that will make it easier to monetize and manage all types of IP — tools that have not previously existed in this space.

We think Brainbase will be a giant leap forward in an industry that has seen relatively no innovation in far too long. Our team is always seeking feedback, and we’ll continue to use what we learn to build the best possible products for our customers.

We have an incredibly bold vision for the future of the company and the industry, and we hope you’ll support us throughout our journey.


Thank you,

Nate Cavanaugh

Co-founder and CEO

August 9, 2017

Special thanks to our team and investors for their hard work and support. We’re just getting started.

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