August 4, 2020

How Brainbase Powers Remote Work

Brainbase enables you to keep your business running as usual without leaving your home.

What does the new volatile work environment mean for employees who commute into an office every day? More and more companies are starting to encourage their employees to work from home, and everyone has questions regarding how this will affect overall productivity.

The current state of work in which we currently find ourselves has sparked conversations on how to adapt both at home and at work. When assessing changes in the marketplace for the licensing industry, Brainbase is a much-needed solution to the changing work environment.

Working remotely shouldn’t mean having to sacrifice resources you need to get the job done. Brainbase is built on the latest tech stack, lives on the cloud and is available on any browser and device. We make sure that our users have the ability to track sales and royalty performance from anywhere.

Additionally, a lot of concern revolves around effective communication. Brainbase Allows users to manage sales reports, create image-based comments on product submissions, easily message collaborators and track product approvals in real time with cutting edge design and technology.

We believe that being able to effectively collaborate remotely should be as simple as chatting with a coworker in the office. Assist’s quick and intuitive user experience helps users get the job done from anywhere.

Brainbase is designed to be remote-friendly so that you can
keep yourself safe without sacrificing your work responsibilities.

With all this being said, we don’t know what the future has in store. The ongoing Coronavirus outbreak underscores the need for the licensing industry to embrace what the 21st Century has to offer: the best in modern licensing technology, Brainbase.

Learn more about how Brainbase can provide you with the tools you need to stay productive at work and at home.

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