December 17, 2021

Brainbase's Best Features of 2021 ✨

Get to know the features Brainbase customers couldn't live without in 2021... 

As another year of remote work has passed, we've all continued to explore ways to make our WFH life more productive and efficient. At Brainbase, we've focused on building products that make managing a licensing business easier than ever, so licensing leaders can focus on what really matters — nurturing existing partnerships and forging new ones. We're endlessly grateful for our fantastic customers and thrilled for what's to come in 2022!

Read on to learn about the features that moved the needle for Brainbase customers this year.


Workflows for Product Approvals

Creative Approvals

Our Product Approvals (aka Submissions) feature has been updated to help licensors bring products to market faster than ever. Our new custom workflows and permissions mean you can set rules specific to your team's way of working. This gives licensors a ton of flexibility to control who can see a submission and what happens once someone has approved it (or not!). For instance, you can block a licensee from sending a submission to review until they have uploaded a SKU and image OR you can set "if-then" workflows to make sure work flows to the right stakeholders at the right time. Once your product is in review, you can collaborate quickly and effectively with pinpoint commenting and @ mentions on image based comments.


Contract Royalty Logic


Our customizable Contracts feature makes it easy to calculate royalties owed on the most complex contracts. Enter the terms of your licensing deal with custom fields and conditional logic to tailor the contract to your exact agreement. So when it comes to royalty reporting time, royalties calculations will be automated based on the terms of your contract and you'll collect what's owed, at the right time. No more emailing back and forth, and more importantly no more lost royalties. 


Red Flags Compliance

Royalty Reporting

Our Red Flags features is designed to reduce lost royalties, to maximize the size of your licensing business. Red Flags cross checks the sales report entered by your licensee or agent with original contract terms to ensure there were no breaches of your agreement. If Red Flags spots an unauthorized sale, you can still mark that sale, apply a royalty rate, and notify your licensee.


Custom Dashboards


We exist to make licensing management simpler, so we took the liberty of pulling together a few default dashboards to help you visualize you financial, approval and legal data. We built on this feature this year with Custom Dashboards. Custom Dashboards is designed to help you visualize more specific data you'd like to have on hand, pulling from across the entire Brainbase platform to unearth insight. For instance, if you wanted to see which licensees were delivering products the fastest you could create a custom dashboard to build a bar chart of products launched per licensee, in a given time frame, and maybe even decide who you want to invest more in. Once you've created a dashboard, you can export the data and send it along to relevant team members ahead of your recurring meetings.


And that's a wrap for 2021! We can't wait to see what 2022 brings for Brainbase and the licensing industry. Happy Holidays!

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