July 30, 2020

Announcing Marketplace, a new global licensing community

Marketplace is a new way to showcase your brand or product, connect with new licensing partners, close deals and grow your revenue.

Today, we’re excited to announce Marketplace, a revolutionary new global licensing community to showcase your brand or product, connect with new licensing partners, close deals and grow your revenue.

If you get excited about licensing, keep reading. This is pretty awesome.

What exactly does Marketplace do?

In essence, Marketplace is a new revenue stream for your licensing business. If you’re in the industry, we know you’ve heard other companies say that, so let us explain how Brainbase’s Marketplace is different:

Showcase your brand or product 24/7

  • Marketplace enables companies to beautifully showcase their brand or product and close new licensing deals throughout the entire year. You can grow your licensing business anywhere, anytime, without being limited to a certain time or location.

Highly curated search and inquiries based on your licensing preferences

  • Brainbase extensively vets every company prior to signing up. Only talk to potential partners who meet your criteria and expedite your due diligence process.

Close licensing deals entirely online, or not

  • Marketplace supports the entire licensing deal process — from the initial inquiry, standardized licensing agreements, deal signing and royalty payments. Marketplace Meetings also allow you to take the conversation offline by integrating with your calendar, so you can schedule in-person meetings at popular industry events.

Easily manage everything after you close a deal

  • Brainbase makes it easy to bring licensed products to market faster with powerful collaboration tools, sales and royalty reporting, smart contract management, secure digital asset management and analytics on important metrics like sales performance and rights availability.

How much is all of this costing you today? Probably more than it should.

And how well does it all work together? Probably not as well as it should.

How does Marketplace help me?

  • If you’re a brand or an agency, Marketplace allows you to create one verified profile to showcase all of your available IP for license, connect with new verified licensing partners and close more deals.
  • If you’re a licensee or product manufacturer, Marketplace helps you beautifully showcase your products to prospective brands and retailers, entirely online, 24/7.
  • If you’re a retailer, Marketplace helps you discover the coolest licensed products on earth and connect with the companies who are creating them.

An important distinction to make about Brainbase’s Marketplace is that it’s a community for everyone in licensing, not just brands or licensees. We’ve seen other companies try, unsuccessfully, at completely replacing agencies with their supposed digital counterparts. And in recognizing their failure, we felt something new — a balance — was needed.

For example, Marketplace gives companies complete control of their profile, inbound leads, deal negotiation structure and contract management.

Our view is that it is critical for companies to be able to showcase and grow anywhere, anytime — and that Marketplace will fill this void. But we also believe very strongly that Marketplace is not zero-sum, and will serve as a very powerful complementary platform to some of the more traditional ways companies showcase and find new licensing partners today, like live events.

Successful companies will use both.

One ecosystem to power your entire licensing business

Until now, we’ve been building Brainbase Assist, the best tool to manage and collaborate on your licensing business. Assist helps brands, agencies and licensees manage their licensing contracts, track sales and royalties, collaborate on new licensed products and store digital assets. You can read more about Assist here, but the gist is that it’s a 10X improvement on any management tool you’ve ever seen — sleek, fast, intuitive and built with cutting edge design and technology.

But why did we build Brainbase Assist? We’ll answer that question with a question: What happens after a licensing deal gets closed?

It turns out that managing a licensing deal is extremely complex and cumbersome. For example, licensees have to upload their products to brands for approval and report sales on a quarterly basis. Brands then have to manage each licensing contract, track rights availability, sales performance and share their digital assets — among many other things.

We knew that if we were going to build a Marketplace for licensing, companies would then need a way to manage everything post-transaction. But none of the current tools were good, so we decided to build our own.

Now, customers can use Marketplace to grow, and Assist to manage. There are also powerful integrations between the two products, so customers who use both will be at an incredible advantage.

Brainbase is building one ecosystem for companies to discover, connect, grow, transact and manage. You will love it.

Join the Marketplace waitlist

Marketplace is available to select brands and licensees in 2019. Our team is very excited for Marketplace to be available for everyone and looks forward to welcoming you to the community. We think it will fundamentally change how the industry does business.

You can join the waitlist here.

Nate Cavanaugh

Co-founder and CEO


P.S. We’re hiring a Head of Business Development and Head of Sales. Help us build the future of the licensing industry!

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